Solar Panel Cleaning


Service Details

Sustainable, cost effective, and clean.  Just a few words to describe how solar energy can help within your home.  However, a solar energy system can only work at its best if sunlight reaches the solar modules free from dust, dirt, droppings, rainspots, and other outdoor elements.   If their surfaces are dirty, both the effectiveness and efficiency of your  system can suffer. 

Window Cleaning San Antonio guarantees effective and professional cleaning of your solar panels. We base our cleanings off the guidelines of the solar model and manufacturer.

Our solar cleaning services are done with environmentally friendly cleaning concepts, to not only clean and protect your solar panels, but help bring in more incoming sunlight.

Our Solar Panels Cleaning Process

We use clean, safe cleaning materials and equipment for your solar panels, like clear water with a brush on a pole system. This is a specially formulated cleaner specific for solar panels that will eliminate dirt from difficult to remove areas.
The clear water we use is Di-ionized and has mineral and chemical components of less than 10 ppm. This water operates like a magnet by attracting dirt from the panel covering and rinsing it perfectly to eliminate residues and spots completely. This is the same system we use to clean
window glass.

Contact our solar panel cleaning specialists today and let us provide a quote to help your system stay more efficient and protect it too!