Deck Cleaning


Professional Deck & Fence Pressure Washing

At Window Cleaning San Antonio, we provide professional fence and deck pressure-wash cleaning and maintenance services. Our deck cleaning and maintenance services are available for both wood and composite decks, and our restoration treatments include:

Deck stripping and prepping for new treatment

Applying stain and/or seal

An untreated deck won’t protect against weathering, heat, rain, freezing temperatures, and harmful UV rays. A deck that isn’t protected from the sun will begin to fade and turn grey, and if too much water gets absorbed, the wood may rot, resulting in deck splintering and splitting.

Benefits of Our Services

Removing dirt, mildew, and mold. And can minimize regrowth.

Helps your wood surfaces last longer.

Far more cost-effective than replacement.

Get rid of dirt, pollutants, and weathering.

Reducing slip hazards from soiled decks.

Our professional team offers professional fence and deck cleaning services using high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions, so you get meticulous results every time!

Don’t trust your decks & fences to just anyone, when decks and fences are cleaned with the wrong equipment, cleaning detergents, or techniques, they can get irreversibly damaged.

So get in touch with us now and get a free quote for high-quality services!

Quality Deck Restoration Services

Do you have a dirty deck or fence filled with dirt, mildew, or is your fence looking dirty or discolored?
Window Cleaning San Antonio can treat any kind of residential cleaning or restoration project. Pressure Washing services include:







Pool Decks

Restoring your decks and fences with a thorough cleaning job gives them a fresh new look, and brings instant curb appeal.

Long term dirty conditions can speed up damage and rotting, and could require costly repairs in the future. We encourage you not to risk it! Call us today and get a FREE quote.

Wood Fence and Deck Cleaning

For a brand new fence or deck, a quick sweep might be all that’s needed to remove leaves and debris.

Sometimes we clean decks lightly to get footprints, dirt, and wood stamps off brand new wood on some high-end projects, but nothing more.

However, if your fence or deck is older, we recommend pressure cleaning to help maintain the natural beauty of your wooden fences or decks.

Give us a call for more details!