Roof Cleaning


Service Details

Window Cleaning San Antonio offers a low-pressure roof cleaning service that eliminates mold, grime, and debris and extends the life of your roofing. Our cleaning services are ideal for different roof types, including asphalt shingles, and tile roofs.

Your roof is constantly exposed to all outdoor elements. Sunlight, cold weather, wind, rain, and dust can take a toll on any roof and never takes a break all year round. Over time, all kinds of issues can occur. This can negatively affect the roof’s longevity. So by getting regular cleanings, this can help extend the life of your roof.

We proudly share the advantages of roof cleaning by Window Cleaning San Antonio as follows:


Effective 2-step method

Specialized roof cleaning

Long-lasting protection

Without scaffolding

Expertise advisement if and when needed

High-quality cleaning & look

70% cheaper than re-laying

Fixed price guarantee - no risk

Modern Cleaning Techniques For Your Roof

Using modern cleaning techniques, Window Cleaning San Antonio specializes in using innovative and friendly technologies for your roof cleaning. No matter the roof surface, we are able to remove classic dirt such as algae, lichen, moss, soot and other debris effectively.

Offering effective, affordable, and sustainable roof cleaning is our speciality. When you compare the cost to re-roof vs. cleaning, the cost for cleaning is considerably cheaper and quicker to restore and protect your roof.
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