Sealing: Pebblestone, Flagstone, and Other Porous Rock and Concrete. commercial rock sealing

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Window Gang uses a two step process to clean and water-proof these surfaces. Window Gang uses a Silane-Siloxane Sealers solution in a 2 step process to seal & waterproof your Pebblestone or other Porous Rock and Concrete surfaces. We can use a clear solution, that when it dries, does not change the natural appearance of the surface. We also have an Enhancing Solution that will bring out the stone’s natural color and leave it with a beautiful glow or that “wet look”. Great for Pebblestone or Flagstone areas.



Your pebblestone will look beautiful-You WILL love its appearance!

Minimize Lose of Pebbles
When water penetrates unsealed pebblestone it will cause the pebbles to come loose in two ways;  First, mildew grows and occupies space, thus pushing out the stones.  Second, when water freezes it expands and pushes out the stones. 



Minimize Flaking and Extend the Life of the surface areas, Your Patio, Pool Deck, Walkways
A water repellant will help prevent water from getting between mortar and stone and growing mildew that helps cause cracking. When water freezes it expands, causing movement in the stone/mortar system that will damage your surface.

Helps seal the porous stone and rock from collecting oils that stain and penetrate.
Helps to block the growth of Mold and Algae into the porous stone and concrete.
Make it Easier to Clean When it gets dirty the contaminates are on the surface instead of down in the stone and mortar so it is easier to clean.

Step One – Hypo Wash
We then apply a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and a high alkaline detergent to the surface and again pressure wash it with the surface cleaner.  The hypo wash stop kills the mildew/mold, removes the dirt, and oxygenates the mortar to receive the seal.


Step Two – Seal with Silicone Based Sealer
Our penetrating stone sealer will not change the color of the stone or make is slippery.  It will not peel or chip off.


We use a silicone based sealer because the UV rays of the sun will not break down a synthetic substance such as silicone as quickly.  This sealant also breaths so moisture can escape and you will not have a problem with this chipping off and revealing the unsealed stone below it.


The solid content of this sealant is between 6% and 9% depending on the porosity of the stone.  With flagstone, it is not advisable to use anything greater than 9% solid or it will fail to penetrate and pool on the surface and cause problems.