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Most houses are designed to have gutters to divert water away from the foundation. Moisture in a structure’s foundation leads to exterior cracks in the brick and mortar, which can lead to extensive structural damage of your property.


Window Gang ’s reliable gutter cleaning service gives you the piece of mind that your gutters will be properly cleaned and downspouts thoroughly flushed. All gutter debris is completely removed by hand and we always check downspouts to ensure proper drainage.


All ladders used for your gutter cleaning services are equipped with ladder stabilizers which prevent gutter damage. The ladder will rest on the roof, not the gutter.


Window Gang ’s gutter stain removal service removes the black streaks from the face of your gutter. These stains are caused by roof water flowing over the gutter face and will become permanent if not removed in a timely manner. Window Gang’s chemical process will remove these stains without damaging the gutter finish.


Window Gang offers gutter maintenance plans, ensuring you year round protection and peace-of-mind that your gutters will remain debris free and flow properly.


Our crews provide service beyond your expectations:

  • We are comprehensively insured and bonded and carry Workman’s Compensation on all employees
  • All of the chemicals we use are environmentally safe, biodegradable and approved by OSHA
  • All crews carry material safety data sheets on each chemical, protecting all parties
  • All employees are uniformed and all trucks are clearly marked with our logo
  • Our employees are extensively trained in job safety and follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines


Our service is dependable and of first-rate quality. References and proof of insurance are available upon request. Estimates, of course, are free.


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